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Goniflex Capsules (Pack of 2)

Goniflex is nothing but a breakthrough product for Arthritis and anti-inflammatory activity. This is introduced in Technical collaboration with an American company. It is a breakthrough for complete management of pain and flexibility from arthritis. Goniflex is Proprietary patented Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Product and osteoarthritis treatment. Goniflex works in various therapeutic areas including Arthritis, Joint Pains, Inflammation.

Omega Gold Plus Capsules (Pack of 2)

Omega Gold Plus Capsules (Pack of 2) combine knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic texts with modern medical science. This pack contains 60 capsules. With Omega Gold Plus Capsules, Build up your immunity Enjoy a much improved cardiovascular health Avail numerous other health benefits

Omega Gold Plus Kit

Omega gold plus is heart health kit made with combination natural herbs sourced from ancient lands of India. Keep your overall health in check, enhance the immunity, & works miraculously while benefiting the cardiovascular health. Key Feature :
  • Promotes healthier body of all age group
  • Healthy body & mind is an idel lifestyle, Omega Gold Plus kit takes care of that
  • 100 % Vegan capsules
  • Its a neutraceutical product